Uniform Circular Motion MCQ

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  • 1. Which one of the following statements concerning the two “gravitational constants” G, the universal constant, and g the magnitude of the acceleration due to the gravity is true?

    • The value for G and g do not depend on location. 
    • The value of G is the same everywhere in the universe, but the value of g is not. 
    • The value of G and g are equal on the surface of any planet, but in general, vary with location in the universe. 
  • 2. When an object experiences uniform circular motion, the direction of the acceleration is A) in the same direction as the velocity vector. B) in the opposite direction of the velocity vector. C) is directed toward the center of the circular path. D) is directed away from the center of the circular path.

    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D