Reproductive Health MCQ

Below Reproductive Health quiz are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) type Quiz. These Reproductive Health MCQ Questions helps you to refresh your Reproductive Health, you can see the correct option by clicking on it. .
  • 1. Assertion: There is a statutory ban amniocentesis on sex determination in India.Reason: Amniocentesis is used to determine sex of foetus for female foeticide.

    • Assertion is incorrect but reason is correct
    • Assertion is correct but reason is incorrect
    • Both assertion and reason are incorrect
    • Both assertion and reason are correct
  • 2. Which Artificial Reproductive Technique can help a lady conceive a child if both her fallopian tubes are blocked?

    • IVF
    • ZIFT
    • GIFT
  • 3. What is RCH?

    • Reproductive and child health care
    • Respiratory and chronic health
    • Reproductive and circulatory health
    • respiratory and child health