Maintenance & Testing of Electrical Equipments MCQ

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  • 1. These are used to remove gears and hubs from shafts, bushings from blind holes, and cylinder liners from engine blocks.

    • Screwdrivers
    • Wrenches
    • Hammers
    • Pliers
  • 2. What is a recommended procedure to follow when cleaning computer components?

    • Blow compressed air on cooling fans so that they will spin when dust is being removed.
    • Hold cans of compressed air upright while spraying.
    • Use window cleaner on LCD screens.
    • Remove the CPU before cleaning.
  • 3. During the troubleshooting of a PC that will not boot, it is suspected that the problem is with the RAM modules. The RAM modules are removed and put into another PC, which successfully powers on. The RAM modules are then put back into the original PC and it now successfully powers on as well. What was the most likely cause of the problem?

    • The RAM modules were not seated firmly.
    • The RAM modules were inserted backwards into the DIMM slots.
    • The RAM modules did not match the PC specs.
    • The RAM modules have bad blocks.