Computer Knowledge MCQ

Below Computer Knowledge quiz are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) type Quiz. These Computer Knowledge MCQ Questions helps you to refresh your Computer Knowledge, you can see the correct option by clicking on it. .
  • 1. _________ performs tasks such as inserting, updating, or deleting data occurrences.

    • Data definition language
    • Data manipulation language
    • Query language
    • OQL
  • 2. Which type of memory holds only the program and data that the CPU is presently processing?

    • CMOS
    • ROM
    • RAM
    • ASCII
  • 3. Which three parts of the computer receive input?  

    • MICR, Barcode readers, Touch-screens
    • Keyboard, ALU, Printers
    • Keyboard, Mouse, Printers
    • Printers, MICR, Touch-screens