Chemical Kinetics MCQ

Below Chemical Kinetics quiz are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) type Quiz. These Chemical Kinetics MCQ Questions helps you to refresh your Chemical Kinetics, you can see the correct option by clicking on it. .
  • 1. What is the parameter to measure the rate or speed of a reaction beside time?

    • Change in volume
    • Change in consentration
    • Change in pressure
    • Change in temperature
  • 2. For second order reaction, the initial concentration of reactant A is 0.24 M. If the rate constant is 8.1 x 10-2 M-1 s-1, what is the concentration of A after 29 seconds?

    • 0.02 M
    • 0.15 M
    • 0.30 M
    • 0.45 M